Sunday, April 25, 2010


My oldest and I just finished reading Fancy Nancy Poet Extraordinaire.  A great book to teach about poetry.  After we finished I told her that I had written a poem about her.  So we found it and read it.  She decided that she wanted to write a poem.  So with me writing she told me what she wanted to write about:  GRANDMA.  I love my mom and I am so glad that she does too.  So here is her poem.


Grandma is nice to me.
Me and her have lots of fun.
She is a good Grandma and a good babysitter.
She likes to play games
Grandma has lots of flowers and green grass, that is greener than ours.
      Grandma is sweet like sweet lollipop.

Isn't this just so sweet.  I love her words.  Maybe she will someday be a great poet.

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