Monday, April 12, 2010

X Marks the spot – Pirate Week

Ahoy, me Hearties!
Avast Ye!
Last week in my preschool classes we had so much fun learning about the letter X.  We did this through the theme “X Marks the Spot”.  A week of fun treasure hunts and pirates activities.   
Here is my oldest daughter and she has on what all the kids were wearing for our treasure hunts and pirate shenanigans.  I cut the bandanas from red material size 21 x 21 in  and folds in half like a triangle and tied them in then back.  The eye patch is just black felt with yarn that can be tied in the back.  They also had a long piece of fabric tied around their waist like a sash.  The cute captain is my son and he is wearing an old Halloween costume that is really to small of him (he is cute though!!).
IMAG00321 IMAG00332
This art activity is easy and fun.  Start by using painters tape and tape an X on a piece of construction paper.  Then have the kids paint over the whole paper.  When the paint dries you peel off the tape and have a great X.
You can’t have pirate week with out treasure maps and hidden treasure.  I draw up the maps and the kids follow the clues to our hidden treasure chest full of goodies!
This is a really easy and fun craft that works on motor skills and shapes recognition.  I drew up treasure chests on brown construction paper.  The kids cut out the treasure chest and glue it on white paper.  The top of the chest is glued only at the top so it can be opened.  Then the kids put their “treasure” inside.  For the treasure we used foam pieces that are sticky.
These little cuties are Xavier X Pirate  found at  I used a picture of a pirate map I had from years ago.  You can find them all over the net.  I traced the X on and had the kids cut it out.  I went ahead and cut out all the other piece just to save time.  They had so much fun putting theirs together and then coloring them.
IMAG00581 IMAG00571
These little pirates came form Michaels.  They are thin wood pirates that have little wood stands.  They kids had so much playing with them after they were done.  They hide a chest and took turns finding it using their little pirates.
You can’t have pirates without a little buried treasure.  I bought two black plastic bins at the dollar store.  Stopped by the park and borrowed some sand.  Then I mixed in some of those glass stones.  The kids had so much fun getting treasure and putting them in these little red bags I whipped up.
Nothing to great.  i even drew the X on with permanent marker to save time.  The kids loved it.  And don’t worry I took the sand back to the park when I was done :) 
Here are some of the books we enjoyed with our Pirate week.

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  1. So fun!!! What great ideas....might ahve to steal some for the pirate party I am having for Gavin's bday this year.