Monday, April 19, 2010

Caroline Dress

I found this pattern on last week at Frog Legs and Ponytails.  As soon as I saw it I new that I wanted to make it for both of my daughter.  I loved that the pattern would work for both of them.
So I went right to work.  I loved that this pattern was easy to read and easy to do.  If I didn’t have so many distractions I could have finished it much faster.  I think it turned out so great on my little one. 
IMAG00164 IMAG00183
I just had to make her a flower to match her dress.  A tutorial will be coming shortly for that.  Isn’t she a doll.  Now to work on one for my old daughter.


  1. adorable! Wish I had a little girl to make this for.

  2. Someday... I will get to do that too :)