Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Count down

Okay I was going to wait until I had a chance to take some pictures but decided that if I waited I would not get this posted.  So pictures will have to come later.  Tomorrow is the first day of December!  So I wanted to share with you one of my favorite ways to count down to Christmas.  We have several different advent calendars in our home.  But I think this is one of my favorite.  Every year I take 25 children's book about Christmas and wrap them each up in Christmas wrapping paper.  I then number them and put them in a basket.  Each night one of the kids gets to open a book and we read it together.  By the time Christmas day comes we have read 25 great books all about Christmas.  There are several reasons that I love this.  One I am a book addict.  Two I find it is a great way to teach my kids the true meaning of Christmas.  We have books about Santa in there but most of the books are about Christ and his birth.  I love it and the kids love opening a book each night.  So this year I will try to share with you each night what book was opened.  If you can find 25 books about Christmas in your house then get wrapping because your kids will love this new tradition! 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Busy Sewing

Wow, I just don't seem to make it on this blog lately. I really have good intentions and lots of things I want to write about. My life has been busy! Along with everyone else. I work 2 jobs plus being a mom and all my sewing projects. Lately I have been sewing reversible capes and selling them to friends and others on etsy for Christmas gifts. As of today I have sold 8 plus made 3 as gifts for birthday party's.

Along with capes I have also been making super hero shirts that match. I have an order in for 12 of these. 6 Batman shirts and 6 Superman shirts. If that's not enough I am also making cute crayon bags and offering them to friends and others on etsy.

So I have been busy sewing. I also still have pajama's to make for the kids for Christmas and skirts for Christmas also. Here is the thing. I love to sew. For me it is an almost therapeutic way to make myself sit down and relax. Sounds crazy huh! Well it is true. If only I could find more time or time with less interruptions. Oh well I will continue sewing, working, and being a mom all at the same time because I love it all! So I hope to be able to get on a post more often but I am making no promises at this busy time. Thanks for stopping in. Hope you are having a great Holiday Season!