Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tree Climbing

Over Easter Weekend we went to my parents and just had a great time.  While I was jumping on the trampoline with my kids, showing them how it is done.  I spotted the best climbing tree in a lot next to my parents house.  My daughter loves to climb trees so we just had to give this one a try.

So here I am showing the kids how to climb and thinking about how much fun I had climbing trees when I was a young girl.  I can remember climbing to the top of the trees in my grandma's backyard.  From the top of that tree I could see a gas station and train tracks that were about a mile way.  I loved being in that tree and seeing a new view.

We also had a tree in one of our backyards that I loved to climb in and hide out.  It was perfect.  It had the best place to sit in the middle of all the branches.  I would go there to be alone or hide out from everyone.  So climbing this tree with my kids was a real treat. 

It has the best places to sit and read a book.  Next time we visit I am sure we will climb again this time bringing a book with us to read.  I am thinking "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein.  Do any of you have book suggestions?  I would love to hear what they are.

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