Monday, May 3, 2010

Washer Bookmark

finsihed bookmark
So I am sure that you have seen all the wonderful washer necklaces out in blog land.  Well I had to make a washer bookmark.  So here is my tutorial on how to do it.  I will apologize right now for the pictures.  I have the worlds worst camera and some pictures had to be taken on my cell phone.  Sad I know!


30 inches of ribbon

large bead

1/2” or 3/8” washers

18” Steel Stamping Set (got mine at Harbor Freight for about $5.00)


Black Permanent Marker

washer bookmark materials
Take your washer, stamping set and hammer to a hard surface.  I mine outside on some newspaper.  The newspaper keeps the washer from scratching.  Using your hammer stamp in whatever words you want to use into your washer.  I chose to use the word read.  Then take a permanent marker and fill in when you just stamped.  Quickly wipe away marker with a wipe or wet rag.  This fills in your letters so you can see them better.
read washer
Once your washer is stamped take your ribbon and fold in half.  Slide your washer to the middle.
ribbon washer
Next.  Slide you bead on the ribbon all the way down to the washer.
read bookmark
At the other end of your bookmark you will tie a knot.  You may want to singe the ends of your ribbon.  You bookmark is complete.  Happy Reading!
finsihed bookmark

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