Friday, March 19, 2010

Oranges, Oranges, and More Oranges

Living here in Arizona we have some great orange trees.  My sister had a friend that let us help ourselves to their trees.  This is the time of year the the trees are in bloom and so the oranges must be removed so new ones can grow.  We loaded up and for two days we spent time juicing all the bags and bags of oranges we received.

Orange juice pict

We have bagged and frozen probably at least twenty quart sized bags and frozen them.  I plan on using them to make popsicles and smoothie drinks and maybe much more. 


I was able to get some more of these molds from Ikea today.  I love them and so now I have 3 sets.  The weather here is already starting to warm up.  We hit about 85 degrees today.  So I know we will be using these soon.  YUmmmmm!

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