Monday, March 22, 2010

Batman to the Rescue

My son loves batman! This might actually be an understatement. So I made him a cape using the tutorial from pukingpastilles. This was a really easy sewing project. What I love is that it is reversible, I did batman on one side and superman on the other. Needless to say Batman gets more action than superman. I did make my cape longer than she did hers. My little man is really tall.

IMAG0007 IMAG0008

The only thing that I had trouble with was the appliqué. I think my heat n bond was to thick. My needle kept getting sticky and the thread was breaking. A friend told me that there is a special heat n bond that is for sewing. I will look for this next time. I was just using what I already had.

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  1. I have made so many capes in my house, it's not even funny. Yet, I've never made a reversible one, I don't know why....