Thursday, December 9, 2010

December 8th

Last night we read a classic, "The Polar Express" by Chris Van Allsburg.  I love this book and really enjoyed reading it with my kids.  As most of you know it is about a boy who is still wanting to believe in Santa Clause.  While in his room a train appears outside.  He goes on this train which is the Polar Express and headed to the North Pole.  When he gets there Santa chooses him to pick the first gift of Christmas.  He chooses to take a bell from Santa's Sleigh because he loves the sound it makes.  When he gets back on the train he realizes his robe had a hole in the pocket and he has lost the bell.  Christmas morning he finds a small box under the tree from Santa with his bell in it.  It is then that he realizes that only believes can hear the bell.

I love Chris Van Allsburg's pictures in this book.  I almost feel like I am apart of the story.  When my oldest daughter was little we went on a Polar Express Train ride here in Arizona.  It was so fun.  On the train they served Hot Chocolate and Cookies.  Then they read the story on the train.  We then go to a location that had a fake North Pole.  Santa boarded the train and gave everyone a silver bell.  I have been wanting to go back now that the kids are older.  Maybe next year.

And of course I love the book much more than the movie they made several years ago.  Although my son went through a train stage and watched that movie everyday I swear for almost a year.  Glad that stage is over!

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